Timing is everything

So, we’ve got another MLS All-Star game coming up. I’ve stated my opinion on the All-Star game numerous times. Beyond giving sponsors something to tout, it really does nothing. However, the MLS bosses still feel the need to have one so we’ll be watching (well, those how find the time to watch) a bunch of MLS players thrown together to play one of the best teams money can buy in two weeks. Yawn.

Thing is, I just realized that some players named to the All-Star team won’t be available because there’s an MLS game schedule the next day!!! C’mon now. As silly as the All-Star game is, having an MLS game scheduled the next day is just astonishing. Now, I’m sure it’s wasn’t a scheduling SNAFU but an issue of stadium availability—that is the most common excuse we hear about scheduling. But surly there was a Wednesday night the match could have been played.

Probably not. After all, these are the same decision makers who refuse to take time off for International matches and even the World Cup. Why should they take time off during the season to make their best players available for what they consider to be a showcase match?

Yet they still don’t understand why people aren’t showing up and filling stadiums on a regular basis. Mmmm….here’s a theory I’ve been throwing out for about 11+ years, put the best XI you can on the pitch every week regardless of where they are from or what they’ve done in the past and people will start to pay attention. Obviously playing matches at times when the best players aren’t available doesn’t follow my theory.

One hour til Columbus-LA. Guess I’d better grab a beer, sandwich and find the remote (14-month-old lil PZ now finds it fun to take daddy’s remote and put it somewhere…ah the joys of fatherhood) so I can see what progress Yallop’s made this week


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