The deadline passes

Wow, that was one of the more hectic transfer deadlines. It was actually kinda fun following who is going where. Heck, even financially strapped Ipswich got in on the action and make some promising moves. My favorite move though was DaMarcus Beasley getting a new chance in Manchester (the blue half). I think this will be a great move for him. Of course, how can I not mention the coup Wet Spam pulled off under ManUres nose. Nice one.

Two players not going anywhere though were Clint Dempsey and Josh Wolff. Both are staying where they are for different reasons. Wolff couldn’t get a work permit. Surprising though that Man U got one for Tim Howard but Derby couldn’t get one for Wolff. It’s not like Howard had a lot more International experience when he made the move. Dempsey has a major beef with the league. But I’m sure he’ll be the last one laughing. Why would MLS be so adamant about keeping one they suspend for 2 matches every other month?

Last weekend was pretty good. Town finally got their first win of the season and best of all, I got to see it live. Then LA goes and thumps DC 5-2 in RFK…too bad I wasn’t able to see that match. We won’t talk about Wednesdays match in Salt Lake.

Jamie Trecker freaked the heck out of me the other day. He wrote and entire column which I agreed with.

  • The US is missing out by not having a coach yet and not playing a friendly this weekend. Yep.
  • Don Garber seems to be getting paid a disproportionate amount compared to what he’s paying most of his employees. As much as $2 million/year, yep.
  • MLS made a major goof not selling Clint Dempsy to Charlton. They’ll realize their mistake when they get smaller offers for him in January and they get nothing for him next year.
  • Single Table and separate (third) domestic competition at the end of the season. Ok, he had to go overboard somewhere.

Still, it’s not often that I agree with either of the Trecker’s so I’ve got to mention when it happens.

Speaking of writers going overboard with idea’s…who is this Doug McIntyre guy? Sorry Doug, your idea there is even more confusing and even less productive than what’s already in place. Yeah, the higher seed home side only has to pull out a draw to go through to the next playoff round. Yeah, the playoffs are already so much more exciting and draw so many more fans to the matches than the regular season does. Having the home side only need a draw is really going to liven up the matches. A move like the one McIntyre suggests will only make things worse.


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