More Stuff

A few things I forgot yesterday…and a couple new thoughts today.

Big news, KC has a new owner(s). I believe that makes 9 different owners in the league. Now, AEG only needs to sell 4 more teams. Who’s next?

I missed this one, not only are MLS stopping Dempsey from leaving, but now Shalrie Joseph is being stopped as well. I wonder if any of the media types are going to get answers as to why so many players are being held onto like this. Ok, I can see the argument that two top players from the same team is not a good idea. Fair enough. But I don’t understand how keeping the players this way is really adding that much value to the league. If anything, it’s hurting the league in the long run as players looking to come to MLS for a few seasons in the hope of moving on to Europe after will think twice.

San Jose still isn’t getting a team anytime soon. I can’t say I’m really surprised here. If AEG couldn’t get it done over several years, how is this group going to do it in one year?

Anyone know anything about this? Looks pretty sweet. I wonder how much we’ll be charged once it’s out of beta.

If you ask me, the English FA is being petty here. C’mon, what’s wrong with the team testing players in addition to whatever testing you do? True, Chelsea could catch one of their players…keep the result secret and clean him up before the FA tests him. But honestly, I don’t see what is wrong with that–beyond the fact that a player was doing something he shouldn’t.

Has Roy Keane slept at all this week? The guy gets the job of manager on Monday and yesterday he adds 6 new players!!! Yeah, that’s a pretty big investment and yeah, it’ll take some time for the new squad to come together. But I’m sure he’ll have time to sort things out. After all, Man City spent a year in the 3rd tier and they aren’t doing too bad these days. 😉

Setanta have tomorrows England Andorra match on PPV. That means, the closest pub to me that’s showing the match is an hour and a half drive and then I’d have to pay to get in. C’mon. England aren’t that great right now and playing Andorra…why bother?

Is it possible for Rooney to stay out of the press?

Can the NBA Champs still call themselves the World Champions? The Greek team didn’t have a single NBA player on their roster. Perhaps the NBA Champion should play a series with the Euroleague Champion to decide the “World Champion” title.


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