Tabloid Fiction

I nearly fell out of my seat reading about Becks heading to NY. I hope no one believed the piece. There’s no way MLS can afford to pay anyone $100 million (or is that Euros?). And even if they were, why would Anchutz pay for him to play at a team he doesn’t own (though AEG does run the stadium…or something like that).

I love when an article lists every single quote as coming from “a source”. In other words, the source is some fictional character the author created to make the story sound factual. Still, you have to admit that the tabloids in the UK are better than the ones here…or at least more entertaining. (Not that I thumb through them or anything while waiting in the checkout line)


2 responses to “Tabloid Fiction

  1. if he isn’t playing at Real, where else will his ego let him go? although he is magic at set pieces and crosses, the pace and the physicality of the open game in England exposes him as very ordinary. he will end up in NY or LA for entertainment possibilities and still be a footie star, and it will take a lot less than $100 million to get him to come over if Real make him a reserve.

  2. yeah…he’ll probably end up here and he sure won’t be making the money reported in the tabloids. I’m just not sure he’s worth the investment.

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