Finishing in style

Ok, where has that Galaxy team on saw on Saturday been all season? Heck, where have they been the last 5 seasons? Seriously, the last time I can recall LA moving the ball forward with that much ease was in ’98. I guess that’s a good sign for the new season. At least Yallop has the team playing a much more attractive style of soccer.

There’s been a lot of discussion on various message boards and even from several columnists about the playoffs. In my opinion, the only way to judge who is the best team is by looking at how teams did over the course of the entire season. However, my problem with the Supporters Shield is that the schedules are unbalanced. If there was a balanced schedule, I don’t think DC would have won the Shield because the East had some pretty weak teams–I wonder who would win a tie-breaker between NY and LA this season as they finished level in the standings and had same goal difference. Then again, last season San Jose probably wouldn’t have won the Shield…and LA wouldn’t have had the eighth best record either.

Did anyone else see the Besiktas-Spurs match on Thursday? Great performance from Spurs on the road like that…but those Besiktas fans were something else!!! All the talk a few years ago about MLS stadiums needing a roof in order for there to be some atmosphere created by the fans is now (in my opinion) BS. Those Turks were loud the entire match…even when their boys were 2-0 down. Wow. I’ve never heard a stadium so loud before.

Rumor has it that some stadium called Wembley may be built soon. Not sure if I believe it. It’s taken longer than the Metr…err Red Bulls to get that thing built.

The playoffs start today. Right now, I’m thinking Chicago and Houston could be the teams to watch. However, I’m reserving the right to change my mind on Monday.

Is it just me or is the best matchup (well, in my opinion) of the first round the only one not being shown on national TV? I guess if questioned about it the guys who call the shots will explain it’s because neither team has their own stadium and scheduling conflicts and…well, the same excuses we hear all the time.

Anyway, my DVR is set and I’m hoping to see some good matches this weekend?


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