I don’t believe it. I was out all day. I wasn’t anywhere near an internet connection or anyone that I know who would be interested in the MLS Championship game. I set my DVR to record the match and even an hour after the scheduled time to finish. I got home, put my 18-month-old to bed and kicked back in my recliner to enjoy the match…

…Somehow DirecTV has managed to lose the feed from my local ABC station. So, I have 3 1/2 hours of “Don’t call us, we know there’s a problem and we are working to fix it.” The same thing happened the weekend the World Cup started a couple months ago. It took three days to fix it.

Well, I’ve seen the result and now I’m even more disappointed.


One response to “Aaargh!!!!

  1. New England should’ve won that but apparantly they didn’t keep their heads in the game and let Ching equalized. Bummer deal about your local ABC station.

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