It’s only a FANZINE!!!

Ok, this has to stop. All this Beckham to LA stuff is getting out of hand. Yeah, I’ve no doubt that a big part of the reason MLS investors allowed this new rule was to get someone like Beckham and it’s true, Beckham does have business ties in LA. However, I just stumbled across this Business Journal piece about Glazer buying LA and adding Becks to the roster.

The piece is quoting a Fanzine!!! For those of you who don’t know what a fanzine is, it’s a publication produced by fans for fans. Yeah, they’ll interview players and have various other bits of information. However, I don’t believe a fanzine has ever broke a big news story. I may be wrong here, but I doubt I am.

Now, can someone tell me where in either The Red Issue or The Mirror there is anything other than speculative fiction? The guys over at the fanzine must be having a great laugh at all this publicity.

Bottom line is, there’s nothing to the piece. It’s pure fiction and the way Soccernet and other news sources have picked up this (non) story makes me laugh. How can professional hacks not see though this.

I guess it’s a good thing there’s bloggers like me keeping things straight. 😉

Then again, it’s good to see the LA Times had some fun with story.

So, should the Galaxy change owner and name…what should the new name be? Here’s some great suggestions.

…Top 10 new names being considered for the Galaxy:10. Manchester United States

9. Man USA

8. Man, U Remember When They Called Us the Galaxy?

7. Manchester United of Los Angeles

6. Miracle on Manchester

5. David Beckham and 10 Other Guys

4. No One Here Can Play for England

3. Nippon Beck Ham Fighters

2. Beckham Family Time Share

1. The Spice Girls

Ah the internet. It’s such a great source of information…but an even better source of misinformation.

Oh, and the skeptic in me now believes that the Spice Boy saying that he won’t go anywhere until the end of the season leads me to believe he’ll be making a move in January. Either way, we’ll know in a couple months. Ah the silly season is living up to it’s name this year…probably the first time in MLS history. Ya gotta love it.


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