Beckham United?

This whole Beckham thing is really getting crazy. Now the rumor is that he (along with Glazer) will become part owners of the Galaxy and change the name to Manchester United USA. Of course, the fact that the rumor was started by La Opinion leads me to believe it’s more tabloid fiction. However, I could see AEG negotiating with the Spiced One a deal which would give him a partial ownership in the team in lieu of a massive salary. That’s more the kind of deal I could see happen. Rebranding the team is just plain ridiculous. That I can’t see happening. LA Galaxy is one of the best known brands in MLS. Why change it? Besides, Red Devils USA would be more like their room mates name (Chivas USA)

I don’t know. All these rumors are making my head spin. But it sure beats reading about how MLS is doomed to fail.


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