They keep getting richer

So, Beckham is worth £87 million (what’s that…about US$ 170 million give or take)*. Now, the rumors say (and keep telling us) that he’s heading for LA and the league will pick up $400,000 of his salary. According to the report, he’s making £4.4 million (about US$8.5 million) per season at Real. There’s a bit of difference there. I’m having a tough time thinking AEG will fork out the difference. Phil Anchutz didn’t amass his fortune paying talent that much.

Fear not Spice fans. There is a way to make the move happen. Ya see, Beck’s made about 5X as much money last year from sponsorship deals. That’s where AEG and MLS have lots of experience. Those of you who payed attention the last 11+ years will know that most of the “big name” signings the league has had over the years have had contracts which kept them under the salary cap by giving them huge sponsorship deals.

If Beckham comes to MLS, his playing salary won’t be very big…though he’ll probably end up making more money than ever thanks to those folks on Madison Avenue who work so hard to part us all from our hard earned money.

*Currency conversions were done based on today’s exchange rate. If you are reading this at some other time, it will probably be different and the US$ amounts will be higher because of political and economic policies which are weakening the Dollar. However, as this isn’t a political or economic blog, I’ll avoid going on a rant here.


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