FIFA does it again

This time FIFA has managed to get itself in a bit of trouble. It turns out their signing Visa as a new sponsor (partner) breached their existing agreement with MasterCard. This is being reported only a couple of days after another black eye they gave themselves.

What I find really bad about this whole thing is their attitude about this.

While the FIFA witnesses at trial boldly characterized their breaches as “white lies,” “commercial lies,” “bluffs,” and, ironically, “the game,” their internal emails discuss the “different excuses to give to MasterCard as to why the deal wasn’t done with them,” “how we (as FIFA) can still be seen as having at least some business ethics” and how to “make the whole f***-up look better for FIFA.” They ultimately confessed, however, that “[I]t’s clear somebody has it in for MC.”

But what do you do? The whole organization is run but shady people and as far as I know there’s nothing which can be done to change that. We are stuck with more of this.


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