Klinsmann Post-Mortem

Yeah, it’s still probably too early to do a full post-mortem but it’s been a few hours and it’s good to sometimes look at things from different angles.

I posted my initial reaction to the news about Klinsmann sometime last night (never check email while waiting for a bottle to warm up for your 18-month old) and was half asleep when I did. After posting, I thought it would be interesting to see what other bloggers made of the news (as it’s got to be the biggest story we’ll see this off season)

Obviously the always perfect Jamie Trecker had to explain where he went wrong with his premature announcement the other day.

Brian at DCSunDevil did a good job expressing the feelings of most US fans today and how we got to where we are.

On his excellent HexagonalBlog, Howard let’s us know he called it back before Arena was departing the post.

I remember telling a friend of mine, after it became clear that Bruce Arena would step down as US national team coach, that the Federation would try to make a deal with a well-known foreign coach but in the end settle on an MLS-based coach.

du Nord follows how ESPN covered the breaking news. Which is actually better than I’d expect.

Golazo (once you get through all his/her Google Ads) compares last night’s news to the English FA when they announced Scolari as their new manager.

I just recently discovered The Red Card blog. Louis does a great job and I just love his “Let’s be friends” take on the news.

I couldn’t find many more blogs to have posted reaction yet but if you are looking for more reaction, just check out the usual ranting on BigSoccer. Some of it is even worth the price of admission. If I missed any blog posts on this, please add them in the comments section.

Bottom line I think is that after 6 months of anticipation, we really didn’t get the big shiny Christmas gift we expected. This may be another storm in a teacup and register as only a blip in the mainstream sports media…but it’s big news just the same. Maybe later I’ll check what the papers are saying. I wonder if Gulati will give us fans a gift receipt in this afternoon’s call?

UPDATE: On The Pitch has a nice collection of relevant mainstream media quotes he put together. Worth checking out.

UPDATED UPDATE: Actually, Soccer Dad over at On The Pitch is all over this. First, there’s the USSF bylaws which tells us Gulati doesn’t have all the say in what happened. Then there’s rumored specualtion that Klinsmann walked because USSF could guarantee him all the players he wanted. (MLS playing matches on FIFA International dates has been an issue for me for a long time). Check out his blog. He’s posting some great stuff today.

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One response to “Klinsmann Post-Mortem

  1. Bradley, Bradley
    He’s our man
    If no one else can do it
    Someone else can!

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