A couple quick comments this morning

The first thing I want to mention is the passing of Lamar Hunt. I never met the guy, never supported any of his teams. However, his commitment and vision played a large role in giving us fans the NFL and MLS we see today. If not for him, neither would probably be as successful as they are. I hope he left us knowing how much enjoyment he brought so many in this country.

A very different loss was announced last night when one of my favorites, Kevin Hartman, was traded to KC. Galaxy fans shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve seen this coming from the time Joe Cannon arrived. However, Yallop has managed to trade three fan favorites in the last two weeks. LA fans have loved Hartman from the time he beat Jorge Campos out of the job. Yeah, he’s had his critics especially when the 2000 Cup final is discussed. However, I still content his is the best shot stopper in the league and he does organize his backline well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Yallop got in return in this deal.


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