Tractor connection in the Beckham saga

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows my first love in pro soccer was when I visited Portman Road for the first time. I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. LA became my second love only because I was forced to move so far from my first love. It’s a tragic love triangle. Add to it the fact that Ipswich’s biggest rival (Naaarch {spit}) wear the same colors as LA. Also, LA’s biggest rivals (SJ…though they don’t exist anymore) wear the same colors as Ipswich. Well, you can see why I’m as confused as I am. I’m not sure why I posted all that…must be the coffee.

Anyway enough rambling. What I think I was getting to is that two Canadian former Ipswich players are still good friends who keep in contact and obviously share information. One happens to be the Manager for LA Galaxy the other is….actually, I’m not sure what Craig Forrest is doing these days. However, the other night he was on some soccer themed radio show in Toronto (that’s in Canada for the SJ fans) and mentioned according to his former teammate a move for Beckham is getting closer. Thanks to the Toronto MLS Blog for information.

Ok, I haven’t had the chance to listen to the audio–but I will sometime today–so I don’t know precisely what was said. However, this is certainly conformation (at least in my opinion) of what we already know.


3 responses to “Tractor connection in the Beckham saga

  1. speaking of Portman Road, that street has been in the press lately. Apparently that is where the Suffolk working girls conduct their business. is that part of the commercial side of the club?

  2. yeah, behind the stadium is a road that only sees traffic on match days when coaches park along it. I guess in the evenings a different type of parking takes place there.

  3. Then there’s the latest news that Posh is going to be in Tom Cruise’s self-financed paen to Scientology playing the bride of an immortal alien.

    Okay, Mel Gibson suddendly sounds a whole lot saner.


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