It took 11 years for someone to think of this

We’ve all heard the stories about teams drinking beer out of the Stanley Cup while taking the trophy out on the town…or while hosting a party at their house…well, you can’t do that (no where to hold the beer) with the MLS Cup, but you can have it at your house for a day.

It’s too bad the trophy isn’t designed more for celebrations but what are you going to do. One question though, is there only one actual trophy or does the league make a new one every season? If that’s the case, LA, DC, KC, Chicago and whoever has the Smurfs trophies can still do this as well.

One thing though, $600 is a bit of a joke. C’mon Houston fans, you can do better than that. Get a group of you together, pool your money and have a big Christmas Day bash with the trophy.


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