Could it be?

I almost had coffee come out my nose when I read this headline from ABC News this morning, “EXCLUSIVE: David Beckham Will Sign With U.S. Team“. Of course, if you read the article now you’ll see they’ve backtracked a bit on the story. However, for the first time I’m now thinking this move may actually happen…and before the start of the season.

Did anyone actually see the show the quotes came from? I wonder if this information coming from them has anything to do with the new deal MLS and Disney have. Guess I’d better put the TV on ESPN News today.

EDIT an hour later: ...And now it’s offical. The news is all over the place and it’s even on ESPN News. Bummer he won’t be here until August. I wonder if MLS are talking a possible transfer with Real?


3 responses to “Could it be?

  1. Quite a day for your boys… but $250MM as I’ve been seeing? Yikes!

  2. Real Madrid sold something like $1 million with of Beckham jersey’s the day he signed with them…they’d have sold more but they ran out of shirts. There’s money to be made all around. Too bad I don’t live in LA any more.

  3. I’m in shock and excitement. –An

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