The Beckham show

The global media attention around MLS and the Galaxy in particular has never been anything close to what it’s been the past few weeks. I mean, TV camera’s reporting on Open Tryouts at the HDC allowing a kid from England to fly over to LA, spent an hour on the pitch, receive his 15 minutes of fame in the process and now have the ability to tell his grand kids we had a trial with a team David Beckham was on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him…it’s just that 2 months ago, there wasn’t enough media around to find that story. This summer we’ll be seeing an unprecedented amount of media types at the HDC. Looks like MLS is getting some Return on their Investment already.

However, there is a flip side to this. Regardless of what many on the other side of the Atlantic are saying, Beckham is still in his prime…at least that’s my irrelevant opinion. The way he has handled the turmoil of the last few weeks is incredible. I could see a lot of players folding under what he went though. Last week he created quite a bit of news when he scored in his return. This week, however, things didn’t go quite as well for Becks. Personally, though I am a bit bias these days, I thought the card was pretty harsh. However, two things got be about this. First, the fans in Madrid were positive about Beckham’s performance. To go through what he has the last few weeks and still come out with a reception like he got just shows the personality and determination of the guy. I can’t wait to see him in LA. Second, have you noticed how much attention the US media is giving Beckham? There’s been talk about the US being the last place the “Beckham Brand” hasn’t taken over. Looks to me like he’ll be a household name before he arrives. Think about it, how many people do you know who don’t watch soccer mentioned the signing after it was announced.

This is gonna be a wild summer, between Beckham, los Copas America y Oro…and, of course, MLS. Now, if only the snow would melt.


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