Is that Harchester United?

I don’t think the writers of Dream Team could come up with something this good.

Then again, you’d expect something like that from Bellamy...after all, he spent time in Naarfeck. Serves him right. But c’mon guys, fighting over karaoke? You’re supposed to be drunk and out of tune…if you’re sober, you should be smart enough to leave.

Ah, wouldn’t it be great to be young and have a shitload of cash to blow. Must be nice.


2 responses to “Is that Harchester United?

  1. It seems there might be not entirely true:

  2. Ah…why let the truth get in the way of a good story. 🙂

    What’s intersting is that if it is fiction, it’s amusing that it’s from the Times not the Sun or NoTW.

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