It’s lonely at the top

My Chargers just hired Norv Turner to be head coach??!!!! What’s Spanos thinking???!!! I mean, this has to be….errr…sorry, wrong football.

So, Zidane isn’t greedy. After all, he doesn’t want Backham money. Someone needs to explain to him that Beckham isn’t being paid to play. Perhaps MLS should structure a deal just like the one Becks has. Half of shirt sales etc. Nah, he’s French. It’s not as if the French are arrogant or anything.

Speaking of Becks, does anyone feel sorry for their current house hunting plight? Finding the right home for the right price in LA isn’t easy. Besides, why are they so opposed to remodeling? I’m sure they could have everything done by July.

Now that the US is playing in Copa America, people are still complaining. Ok, so it’s only Jamie Trecker. Problem is, he’s missing the point. First thing, the coaches of the players who are with teams in Europe probably aren’t too excited about them playing in two tournaments this summer. It’s much easier for him to justify playing them in our own competition than in a tournament where we are invited guests. Second, the World Cup is now 3 1/2 years off. Most of the Gold Cup players have played in big events and have that experience. The younger players he’ll be taking South for the most part won’t have that experience. Why not give them a chance to get their feet wet in games which don’t mean anything to teams from our Confederation?

The reason the Gold Cup (and Open Cup) is perceived as meaningless (as Trecker pointed out) is because hacks like him make it out to be that. Well done to Bradley for doing this right.

Could the World Cup be returning to these shores? I’d be willing to bet it will sooner rather than later.


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