This deal keeps looking better

Yeah, I know there’s more to post about than Beckham. Things like DC’s promising win in Honduras or Houston’s tired legs in Costa Rica. But this Beckham deal just keeps looking better all the time.

So, LA are rumored to be signing a shirt sponsorship deal worth around $10 million/year. And we’d already come to believe that Beckham’s playing contract was worth about that same amount. Now that the real numbers are coming out.

David Beckham’s playing contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy is worth about $27.5 million in base salary over five seasons, according to a person familiar with Major League Soccer agreements.

Whichever AEG/MLS executive who said that the total agreement could be worth up to $250million sure got a lot of bang for his buck. As things now pan out, LA look to be getting a really sweet deal out of this. Here’s where the $250 million came from.

“The deal to bring Beckham to America is thought to be the biggest in sporting history, with industry experts estimating the worth to the player in excess of $250 million,” AEG’s news release said.

Beckham’s contract, according to several people familiar with the details, is a complex and probably unique arrangement that gives the 31-year-old midfielder a percentage of club sponsorship, merchandizing and uniform sales contracts. Promotional arrangements also are included.

I wonder if Zidane’s people seem foolish asking for $15 million/year now? I doubt it.


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