Like him or not….

…you hafta feel sorry for Beckham. First he signs a deal he can’t pass up to join LA. (If someone offered you the chance to make that kinda money you wouldn’t pass it up either). Now he takes a bad knock and could be out of action for a while. However, I’m sure he’ll be fully recovered by the time his deal with Real is done.

What really caught my attention in that article from the Times was the quote from Lineker.

“Of course, bringing back Beckham … could only be considered a short-term fix because, when he moves to the United States in the summer, he is going into semi-retirement. That is what is happening. I know what it is like because I went through it when I moved into Japanese football.

“The standards will be lower and he will be a long way from home. That will definitely be the end for him.”

I have nothing but respect for Lineker as a player, but he’s basing that opinion on information from almost 15 years ago. The sport has changed a lot in those years. You see a lot more players from Asia and North America in the Premiership now…where there any back then?

Anyway, weather or not Becks makes it back in McClown…errr McClaren’s lineup is something he has no control over. Just like he didn’t have a ton of control over Capello’s decisions. But he’s already won one manager over, who knows what else he can do.

He’s still handling all this controversy in a classy manner and who knows what he’s capable of. In this non-English person’s opinion, there really aren’t too many others capable of performing better for the Three Lions. Perhaps someone else will be naming the English squad in the near future.

Either way, I’m hoping Beckham has a fast recovery and he proves many more doubters wrong.


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