First there was Old Spice…now there’s…

Did they consider the name “Beckham Spice”?

My son wasn’t feeling well last night. So, being the good daddy I am I went out in the snow (yeah, it was snowing here last night) and made a visit to the local drug store to get him something to help him with his illness. I walk into the place and right there in front of my on the first group of shelves was a cardboard ad for Beckham’s fragrance.

It’s only been a couple of months since the announcement that Beckham will be heading to LA. The marketers are already trying to get money out of this move. I’ve a feeling we are going to seem Beckham all over the place by Christmas. This is only the beginning.

Bottom line, if it sells more match tickets and merchandise, I’m still thinking this will be a good thing.


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