MLS ahead of it’s time again?

Wow, I never thought I’d see the day when the Football League (that’s everyone below the EPL and above the Conference) decided to do away with ties and go to a shoot-out. We all know how well that turned out over here. There were too many injuries and, well, people (ie fans) just didn’t like it. It’s bad enough to kiss your sister (silly phrase about a tie) but to drop an additional 2 points in this way really is frustrating.

Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t I read last summer where FIFA wants to do away with penalty shoot-outs to decide games? Perhaps I read it wrong.
Either way, I don’t like this idea. Heck, without a few ties, Ipswich would probably be in worse trouble than they are. It didn’t work for MLS, it didn’t work for NASL, why would it work in England? I never thought it added anything.

One response to “MLS ahead of it’s time again?

  1. The idea of ending every drawn game with a shootout makes the baby jesus cry.

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