They’re starting to get it….

I haven’t had the chance to be online much the last few days so when I saw this report about ESPN’s new media blitz for the upcoming MLS season…well, I had to make the time.

But before I was able to post anything, I found that my buddy, Mr. Fish, had already tracked down the ads online. Check them out…they’re as good as I’d hoped based on the earlier report. The ads are focused on attracting non-soccer fans. Anything to dispel the myths that the sport is just 22 guys kicking a ball around is a positive step…well, that’s my opinion.

Ok, so it took a couple days (had to work on Sunday) but I finally got to see Sunday’s game. I’ve read a ton of blog posts on it. Basically, all I have to say is that it was a good performance. Landon was in top form which I found interesting this early in the season…and the Interim Tag should be removed for Bradley’s title soon. Oh, and his son surprised me with his performance too.

Add Portland to the list of potential expansion locations. I almost moved there a couple years ago.

Oh, back to my school work…


One response to “They’re starting to get it….

  1. Thanks as always for the link.

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