Just a quick ‘hi’

Haven’t posted much lately cuz things have been a bit hectic chez PZ.But what’s there been to post about besides a US game which shouldn’t have been scheduled (I was reminded of non-league teams going for a 0-0 hoping for a replay at home to make a little extra coin….zzzzz)

Anyway, MLS starts next week. I’ve got my Tivo set and I may actually convince my wife to let me get the Direct Kick PPV package this year. However, there may be a few more excited sports fans this summer. That’s a good thing.

How nice of Chicago to give me another reason to hate them. Tickets in LA and Chicago will be tough to find this summer. Maybe I’ll get to watch on TV.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

UPDATE: Ya know. I went to bed last night thinking about Chicago signing Blanco and have had a change of heart. Rather than hate them–I still don’t care for Blanco–I’m now feeling sorry for them. I mean, the guy is 34, he’s slower than just about any MLS defender and MLS refs aren’t going to give him a ton of calls. Is that really the best Chicago could do with their DP slot? My money is on him blowing his top a few times this summer. I’m thinking he’s gonna work out slightly better than Campos on the pitch and (hopefully) better at the ticket gate.


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