Schools Out …

Finals are over (finally…well, I have to turn a paper in by tomorrow night, but it just needs to be proofed and it’s done) and I now have a little time before summer session starts to actually watch a little soccer. Man, has a bunch happened since I entered study hell.

Heck, where do I start? Ok, NY got themselves another Designated Player. I’ve always been a JPA fan so I can’t see how this won’t pay off for them. Heck, they already have the best record in the league-there’s a first. JPA should only help them on the pitch (which, as I always say, is what will eventually help things in the stands)

Ipswich is safe in the Championship for another season despite all the money problems at Portman Road. I have to laugh at the possibility of Leeds going down. I’ve always hated Leeds and this is…well, funny. Their fans didn’t help matters on Saturday. They should be docked points for their fans actions on Saturday. (See video…the quality isn’t the best, but you can see what the event looked like to traveling Town fans)

So, I actually got to see the SuperDuperClassico on Saturday night. Wow, Landon showed up to play. Nice one. Actually, I probably would have enjoyed the match as a neutral. One thing though, can someone please explain to me why LA (the home team) was wearing their road colors?

I commented on this before, but the Galaxy schedule is a joke. They’ve played 3 matches so far this season. It’ll be a couple weeks before they play another match. Then, they have all their matches jammed into the second half of the season (along with matches against Chelsea, Vancouver, and probably just about anyone willing to fork out a few bucks to have Beckham play. The good news is that they have 4 points from the 3 matches so far. I’m not going to hold my breath about the chances of making things happen this season. Heck, Yallop thinks the Open Cup is a cause of the team missing the playoffs last season…of course, I’ve always contended that if LA hadn’t won the Open Cup in ’06, they wouldn’t have won the MLS Cup…but what do I know?

Whose bright idea was it to have only last names on jerseys? Thankfully, it seems that matter has been resolved already.

Even one of my favorite writers isn’t he same. I never saw that one coming. All the best to Mike/Christine.

Well, that’s all I can think of now. Hopefully I’ll have more time this week to post.


3 responses to “Schools Out …

  1. I’ve wondered the same thing about LA all year. I’ve only seen them playing in their white kits. I’m guessing that it has something to do with the re-branding that’s supposed to happen when Beckham shows up (which is a big mistake, I still say).

    And you mean ’05, right?

  2. ‘errr…yeah. It was ’05.

    Oh, and Town only need 1 point on Sunday to finish ahead of the Budgie scum….so there. 😉

  3. After re-reading, I should clarify that I think the re-branding is the mistake. Beckham’s a calculated gamble that I think is going to pay off, at least financially.

    At least the boys at Portaloo Road managed to do something good for everyone last weekend.

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