Can someone help me out here?

It’s Thursday evening. I got lilPZ to bed and figured I’d check out what game is on the deuce (does anyone still call it that?) tonight. Nothing.

The only explanation I could come up with was it violated some “only one US soccer even per week” rule or something as they are showing the US-China game this weekend. OK, whatever. I can deal with no game tonight.

So, I decide to get prepared. What’s going on next week? OK, who’s the Einstein who scheduled the Houston – Colorado game at the same time as the Guatemala Gold Cup game? Seriously, everyone wonders why TV ratings aren’t doing better then the decision makers pull gaffs like this. It’s no wonder the sport isn’t doing better in this country.


One response to “Can someone help me out here?

  1. feh. I’m glad you could live with no game last night. It basically ruined my week — and that includes my Monday trip to the emergency room. ;^)

    You’re right though, TV (and league) scheduling stinks.

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