Yallop vs Lalas

I’ve been hearing rumors to the effect that Lalas and Yallop aren’t exactly BFFs. It seems a lot of the recent trades (many of which I still don’t understand) are all the work of the ginger one. Now I’m finally hearing about it from a reliable source.

If you want my opinion–well, your reading my blog so your gonna get it–dump Lalas before he does much more damage to the team. My problem isn’t what he’s been saying to the British press–I actually enjoy the way he winds them up–it’s with his player/coach management. He doesn’t exactly have the best record there.

However, I’m sure AEG will see things different. What do I know?

As Ives said, don’t expect anything soon…but it’s gonna by playoffs or bust time once Spice Balls arrives.


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