Too funny to not share

I’ll probably stop laughing some time this afternoon.

I’m sure it was a recipe of hers.

Norwich players laid low after barbecue

Four Norwich City players were among 30 people taken ill following a barbecue at the club’s training ground, it emerged today. Delia Smith, the celebrity chef, is a director of the club but sources said outside contractors were employed to lay on the food to allow staff at Delia’s Catering Company to enjoy the event.

A statement from the club read: “City today confirmed a number of its staff, including four senior professional players, have been taken ill following a social event on Sunday.

“Players, staff and their families attended an annual informal summer event at the club’s Colney training centre, following which approximately 30 people who were at the event have suffered symptoms including sickness and diarrhoea.”

…and still my wife wonders why I won’t allow her cookbooks in our house.


2 responses to “Too funny to not share

  1. read the statement you blind cunt or get your mum or your girlfriend to read it for you o sorry i should have realized that it will be the same person

    now fuck off and get ready to cry again when you go down


  2. Geez, such strong language from someone who feels the need to post anonymously. yeah, I read the statement and I also read the statement which said Delia wasn’t pissed when she did her famous “lets be havin ya” speech.

    Now, go tell your mommy you’re sorry for playing on her computer.

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