One more time Cobi

Honestly, I’ve always had a love/hate for Cobi Jones as a player.  In the late 90’s, I always thought he ‘half-assed’ many games.  However, late in his career, he’s been showing me more.  To be honest, when he announced his retirement part of me expected it, but a big part of me was sad knowing that the one player who has been with LA since Day One will be leaving.  The thing is, even though LA have pretty much been crap all season, I really don’t have much to fault Cobi on.  He’s not the player he was a few years ago…the legs don’t have the spring they had.  But he’s been busting his behind every match and I’m really gonna miss him….or maybe not.   Honestly, I’d love to see him as a SuperSub next season.


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