National Pride

If thousands of people of Mexican decent in this country still cheer for Mexico even if they are 2nd or 3rd generation, should I be cheering for the Swiss tomorrow?  OK, maybe that doesn’t sound as PC as I’d like, but my great, great grandfather did leave Switzerland on his way to Northern California (with a stop in Ellis Island…my wife found proof on one of those Genealogy sites) to look for his fortune during the Gold Rush.  He never found it but found a new life (with a Native American bride) in the New World.

Ah, who am I kidding, I’m American.  Even though I spent my youth in other countries, I’m still American but I just hope tomorrow we see a good match and both national sides gain from the experience.


One response to “National Pride

  1. I root for the Dutch, not only because I’m third-generation Dutch-American but that does play into it.

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