I just few in from the Windy City…

Actually, it was just a there and back trip, by car,  and I got back last night…but it was windy. 

I currently live an hour or so from Chicago but this was my first time to Toyota Park—heck, it was my first visit to Chicago which didn’t include a trip to O’Hare.  The stadium is quite nice.  It actually feels more like a stadium for sporting events than the HDC.  I have to admit, the stadium is sweet…even if I was stuck in front of the stage and behind the goal (crap view capped off with some Fire fan in front of me who did nothing but go off on Cannon and anyone in Galaxy colors the entire game. 

I’d heard about the “Beckham Bandwangon” but was still surprised at the number of Beckham jersey’s being worn.  I intentionally wore a white road jersey from 5 years ago just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken for a newcomer.  There were still quite a few other Galaxy fans that seemed to be from the pre-Beckham era.  My wife did her part as Beckham warmed up in front of us and took numerous pictures of him.  Still haven’t decided if I should be insulted sitting next to her as she drooled. 

I bumped into some friends of mine from my days in LA.  It’s amusing that after being gone from LA for a couple of years, LARS is still pretty much the same.  

Oh yeah, and there was a match too.  From what I could tell (I’ll know more when I watch the Tivo of the match) it was pretty entertaining.  However, from my vantage point (in front of the stage) it was tough to tell much beyond the near side penalty area.  Heck, when the goal was scored I wasn’t certain it had gone in…well, the roar from the crowd was what did it. 

Blanco is a massive diver and a big crybaby.  I was beginning to think the crew at Toyota Park did a poor job and Blanco kept tripping over blades of grass they’d missed…well, that and the super high line marking the penalty area.  Wow, every time he’d go down his next move was always in the direction of the ref with a pleading look on his face.  I used to think Fish was bad…but Blanco now has him beat.
Joe Canon rocks.  Until yesterday I was still grieving for the loss of Kevin Hartman but without Joe yesterday, the game would have been over long before injury time.  Thanks Joe and I look forward to seeing you in the nets next season.  I just home the team comes together in the off-season so you won’t be so busy next Summer.

Truth told, LA had no business winning.  The better team got the 3 points and are heading for a match-up with DC.  Good luck to them. 

As for the rest of my day….does anyone else find it ironic that you can leave a freeway and have the event location clearly marked all the way….but then when  you leave, there are no signs to the freeway?  That happened to us on the way home.  We took a wrong turn (or missed one) or something and ended up in Burbank.  No, not the one north of LA.  I’d have found my way home a lot quicker if it were.  So, there’s my wife and I, worn out looking for a darn freeway and, well, let’s just say that Burbank, IL isn’t exactly the most exclusive part of Chicago.

However, we eventually found our way back to Indiana and home.  It was good to see LA play this season…I just wish the result had been better.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.


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