Ah, it’s Fall and the postseason complaints have started

Enough already!  I’m sorry, but if I read or hear one more person complain about the MLS Playoff format…well, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’m tired of it already.

This is Year 12, and for twelve years people have complained about the format and that we have playoffs at all.  Get over it people.

If the owners wanted the top teams to win through to the finals, they would probably just do away with the first round….actually not a bad idea, but it won’t happen.  Besides, everyone loves an upset…remember the Smurf (errr..Quake) comeback a few years ago?  Yeah, I’ve tried to forget, but ya hafta love LA’s playoff run in ’05…ok, maybe that’s only a good example for Galaxy fans.

All the playoff teams get a playoff match at home.  Remember, it’s still about selling tickets.

Personally, I’d prefer the entire playoffs be over two legs like the first round…including the final.  But that’s not gonna happen.  So, I’m happy with what we have.  It works, it ain’t perfect but it’s what we have.  Teams have to plan for it.  It’s always been this way so no one is pulling surprises.

Now, if only the league would be a little more transparent about the qualification process for the Champs Cup and SuperLiga.  

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, I’ve complained about all the money grabbing friendlys LA are playing.  I’ve used the argument that Man U wouldn’t fly thousands of miles in the middle of the season for a meaningless payday match.  Well, I guess I can’t use that argument any more.


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