Last night’s playoff match

Say what you want about the playoffs, it’s format and anything else you feel like complaining about.  I’m not buying any of it right now.  From a neutral standpoint, that was a highly entertaining match and well worth the complaining I got from my wife who wanted to watch Survivor.  Gimme DC and Chicago in a playoff second leg any day.  Great DC crowd too.  Love it.  Who needs Beckham to sell tickets?  Games like last nights should be doing the selling.


One response to “Last night’s playoff match

  1. No kidding. I was hoping DC would pull it off, because I was hoping that DC would make MLS Cup and make the atmosphere insane, since I’ll be there. I was afraid those early goals were going to ice it, but what a second half! Ballsy–and perfectly correct–call on the hand ball.

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