DC clutching at straws

Sorry I missed this the other day.

DC United is still MLS’ best – Washington Times

Fair enough, the Supporters Shield the better judge of who was best over the entire season…but MLS recognizes the MLS Cup winner as Champion so, nice try DC.


5 responses to “DC clutching at straws

  1. At least the Supporters Shield means something these days, as much as a CCC berth means at least.

  2. Does it? MLS keeps changing the requirements. DC is one of the teams they’ll find a way to get them in the CCC though. If RSL had won the Supporters Shield, it may be different.

  3. http://web.mlsnet.com/news/mls_news.jsp?ymd=20060214&content_id=52200&vkey=pr_mls&fext=.jsp

    I haven’t heard that they’ve changed it again, so I’m presuming it to hold for this year.

  4. Have you heard them confirm it yet? Honestly, I don’t expect them to change it as it is DC, but like I said, if it were RSL or Colorado…

  5. There’s no need to be so bitter, dahling. We know everyone wishes that their legacy could be as decorated as DC United’s, however, DCU did it all first, baby. The Supporter’s Shield may not mean as much glory as an MLS title, but last time I checked, DC had the most of those too.

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