Some quick thoughts

It’s been a day now since I heard about Yallop’s departure from the HDC. I still think it’s a mistake to let him go. Now, I’m afraid the AEG brain trust will make an even bigger mistake. Seriously, Queiroz did an awful job with the Metros. Why would he do any better in LA? Am I missing something here? Personally, I’m on a one-man crusade to see Cienfuego at the helm. I’m not even sure “Cien” would be interested, but who else is there that is familiar with MLS and the team? I know he was getting his coaching licenses before he retired from playing.

My belief is that the new coach has already been found and AEG are just waiting for a suitable amount of time to pass before making the announcement.

I wonder if I can talk my wife into a trip to Hawaii in February. I’m sure Beckham could fill Aloha Stadium by himself.

This just in, Colorado still have a coach.


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