I’m missing MLS already

I woke up this morning and I’m not sure why but I was thinking it’s a long break until we get some more MLS. It’s not like Baseball which gets in the news all winter–often for the wrong reasons–MLS has little to no news to keep us occupied. At least we still have foreign leagues to fill the void. Oh, and I supposed I should congratulate the Orange Smurfs (AKA Houston) for another title. Personally, I’d love to see Dwayne DeRosario wearing Blue at Portman Road by the time the new MLS season starts. Well, one can dream right?

This MyFootballClub thing is amusing. Based on comments on other blogs, BigSoccer and other boards, I wonder how many of the new ‘owners’ are on this side of the Pond? More American investment. Actually, has anyone seen a breakdown of where the investors are from? Something about the whole thing just seemed odd. Honestly, I never really like the idea of owners getting involved in what goes on match-wise. Off the field stuff? Sure. But let the manager/coach handle players. I guess I’m not alone in this opinion.

As for the matches on Saturday. I fell asleep after the goal in the South Africa-US game. Missed the Israel-Russia game but guess I’ll need to find a way to see the big game on Wednesday. I wonder how England will mess up this opportunity?

Hey, the expansion draft is next week…WooHoo… Pass me some turkey….zzzzzzz.


2 responses to “I’m missing MLS already

  1. Guardian Unlimited’s The Fiver goofed on MLS today:

    “The Houston Dynamos have lifted the inaugural David Beckham Retirement Fund Trophy (formerly MLS Cup) after beating New England Revolution 2-1 in Sunday’s final. The Dynamos have now won back-to-back titles over New England, having edged them 4-3 in a Post-Overtime Penalty Spot Shot Showdown last season.”


    i’m headed chicago-way at 7am wednesday. i intend to be at the globe pub by 11, and back on the stool saturday morning by 9.

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