What would he have said if Becks hadn’t been injured?

Ivan Gazidis is trying to spin that Beckham wasn’t the major story in MLS this season but Luciano Emilio was. Ok, so Emilio had a great season. I’m not going to say otherwise. However, Becks did sell a ton more tickets and shirts…something which helps pay for the league to go spend money looking for the next Emilio. Don’t forget, for every Emilio MLS signs, there will probably be several Marcelo Saragosa’s or Ednaldo “Naldo” da Conceicao’s. Seriously, this is hardly a new idea.

What does all this tell me? Well, expect to see a bunch more young South/Central American players in the league soon…most of which will be total busts.

Here’s an idea, spent some money scouting and developing local talent…oh, and while you’re at it, when not market teams rather than players for a change. After all, the teams will–hopefully–be around long after the players are gone regardless of how good the players were.


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