Old footballers…

I read the other day that FIFA had finally done the right thing and given World Cup medals to all those who were on teams but didn’t play in the finals.  Reading about it reminded me of the petition Ipswich fans are signing to get Kevin Beattie a UEFA Cup winners medal from 1981.  Beattie was the was the heart and soul of the Ipswich backline back then.  If it wasn’t for him, Town probably would not have made it that far in the Cup that year.  He was fantastic in his prime which I was fortunate to witness.   Beattie wasn’t able to play in the Final (though I’m sure if he were given the chance, he would have) due to a broken arm suffered in the FA Cup Semi-Final against Man City.   Even if you aren’t a Town fan, I ask that you support please “The Beat” and sign the petition.   For you New England fans, he was a teammate of Paul Mariner’s if that helps. 😉
On a similar note–yeah, he’s a former scummer but isn’t it sad to see what can happen to former players who played before the big money available today?


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