Ending hibernation briefly

I’ve kept my mouth shut on this whole Figo thing thinking–hoping(?)–it would just go away.  But it isn’t.  So, I’m posting to voice my opinion.

BTW, I hope everyone reading this had a great holiday season.  I haven’t posted much cuz, well, I was busy with the family and I was working on some stuff for ITFC-NASC in the little time I’ve had….besides, not much has really happened.

Now, this Figo nonsense.  Anyone who knows me…or has read my blog…knows I’ve followed LA since Day 1.  I’ve seen all the different ups and downs over the years.  Beckham coming to LA, in my opinion, was a good move on many levels.  However, from that time on, every agent in Europe has used LA and AEG as a pawn to get a better deal for their clients.  I have every reason to believe this is the case with all these Figo stories.

OK, so what if the stories are true?  God, I really hope they aren’t.  But if they are true and he arrives in LA in a couple of months.  This would be awful for the team.  We’d have 3 massive players (Donovan, Beckham and Figo) taking up almost all the salary cap and pocket change left over for Ruud to build the rest of the squad.

What about Cannon or Xavier?  That would probably empty the remaining space.  No, I haven’t done the math but….

We’ll have the most expensive 5-a-side team in the world.  Too bad we’ll be playing teams with 11 on the pitch.  LA need depth in their squad if they are going to succeed.  There’s no way to do with with a few guys (albeit quality guys) taking up most of the salary cap.  I don’t care how good a job Ruud will do, he’s got to have the right squad…and adding Figo isn’t what he needs.

Ok, rant over.  Back to other stuff.  Thanks for listening.


4 responses to “Ending hibernation briefly

  1. seriously. how does LA think they’ll fare with three people playing? hmmm? they need to forget the fame game and get back to the beautiful game we call football (soccer).

    and it’s a stupid move on figo’s part anyway!

  2. You guys need to learn how to play like a team. Bringing in superstars may put butts on seats, but unless they play as a cohesive unit, it’ll be same ol’ same ol’.

  3. Honestly, no offense Lee, but you support Newcastle. 🙂

  4. It’s in my blood, what can I tell ya? It’s more than just supporting a club – it’s like a bad habit I just have to keep getting my fix on. 😀

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