In all, a better game than I expected.  Usually these January games are pretty dull.  Thought the US looked pretty solid even though much of the squad was kids.  Guzan, Davis and Clark, I thought, got themselves in a position where Bradley needs to take a longer look at them for the upcoming games.  During the match, I was thinking of all the players in Europe now who weren’t available…there’s quite a few.  We basically have two full squads at this point.  It was good to see Landon get the record.  Now we don’t have to listen to more discussion about it, he doesn’t have to answer questions about it and he can just get on with the job.  Was it me or was the video production of the match poor.  Camera angles were changed at strange times and replays…well, if you watched it you know the save I’m thinking about.

In other news, what’s the deal with Eric Wynalda?  Did he get fired?  Were his comments the problem?  Hopefully, FSC will pick him up so we can her more of his takes.  I love it when he stirs the pot even if I don’t agree.


2 responses to “US-Sweden

  1. I agree about the production. I hate the 10 second closeups of players faces and replays when the ball is in play.

    They need to employ use of a split screen or something because missing that almost Sweden goal was appalling.

  2. I thought the US defense employed particularly shaky tactics. They attempted an off-side trap which almost burned them twice. Their use of a 4 man system early in the game confused the inside defenders – especially Conrad. He had trouble filling in gaps for Robinson and Corrales. Drew Moor did a terrific job getting up and down the right flank, but his speedy style didn’t jive with Landon’s buildup. Corrales looked lost a few times and made terrible choices late in the game. His decision to choose a corner over playing out of pressure makes me think he lacks confidence – a NO-NO at the International level. Good for Robinson to get a goal though. I’m always happy for defenders to score. The second half subs of Parkhurst and Goodson added size and potentially skill EXCEPT that Parkhurst was all over the place.

    Midfield was strong, and the forwards added strength up top playing with their backs to goal.

    Bradley has terrific defenders overseas… so I’m not worried for the Mexico match..

    We’ll see…

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