How’s this for a playoff format?

For those of you who hate the MLS Playoff format, this is for you. I’m bumping around looking at stuff last night and came across something on the end of the A-League season. I guess four teams were level on points going into the final day of the season. That’s always entertaining. What caught my attention was the way they do their playoffs.

So, four teams (out of 8 total) make the playoffs. That’s half the teams in the league (a much higher percentage than MLS currently) so; the first round is 1 v 4, and 2 v 3. No problem right. Then, the winner of each playoff goes thought to play each other. Still nothing strange right. However, the losers then face each other as well. The winner of the series between the two first round losers (are you following?) then play the loser of the series between the two winners. So, we are down to three teams. The team who was won both their series so far goes through to the final while the two others, who have each won a series and lost a series by this point; face each other to see who is the other finalist.

Didja catch all that? Do you still think the MLS playoffs a bad idea?


2 responses to “How’s this for a playoff format?

  1. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but…

    A-League – 4 of 8 make playoffs = 50%
    MLS – 8 of 14 make playoffs = 57%

    But, yeah that’s a really effed-up way of crowning a champion.

  2. Ah man, not a good math day. That’s what I get for trying to squeeze in an extra post. 😉 Thanks for the correction.

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