It’s only a game…

Maybe it is just a game, but there are some who are making a lot of money individually off the sport. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Jack Warner (FIFA VP and CONCACAF Chief) is a crook. There’s plenty of evidence to at least instill some doubt about his actions.

However, he’s been sheltered for a long time.  His buddy, Sepp Blatter, has managed to make the bad stuff go away. There have been few to try and stand up to him…until now.

Why is it that the little guy is calling him out? None of the big guns (US, Mexico et al) seem to care. In some ways, that worries me. Are they in on the corruption? I hope not. How much are we, the fans, getting screwed by dishonest administration? Will/Can anyone step in and clean up this corruption? I love to watch soccer, but I hate to think its funding people like Warner.


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