Makes my head spin

My son and I are both under the weather so we stayed home today to hopefully kick whatever it is which caught us.  For some reason, my DVR grabbed the SuperduperDraft last week….so, as there wasn’t much else on, I watched it…or at least tried to.  Now, maybe it was the cold meds I’m on but they really seemed to pack about 3 hours worth of interviews into an hour.  Then again, perhaps it was the fact that they really don’t have much information on the players being drafted.  Whatever the reason, it was difficult to follow because they jumped around so much.

Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be trying to do things after taking cold meds. 😉

As for the picks themselves, who knows?  I sure don’t.  A few of the kids will pan out…some won’t.  It’s really a shot in the dark.


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