This American walks into a pub….

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see how any of this is needed and I’m not sure what the Liverpool faithful hoped to accomplish by treating Hicks Jr this way. To be honest, I haven’t followed all of this that closely but the only things I can figure out the Liverpool fans have to complain about is 1) the Hinks-Gillette pockets aren’t as deep as they’d like and 2) the way they handled the Rafa situation (looking to replace him that is)

It’s unfortunate but if the owners don’t have deep enough pockets to make all the changes they’d like, well, there are plenty of small clubs who would love a fraction of what has been made available to Benitiz. Ok, they should have handled the situation with the manager better, but I’m sure they’ve learned from it. Bottom line, I seriously doubt throwing money at the squad problem is going to make him a better manager. He’s got some quality talent already and honestly, is he doing a great job?

Now, I’ve heard the argument that the fans of LFC were promised a ton of stuff when Hicks and Gillette came on board. I’m willing to bet that at that time they honestly intended to make good on those promises. The new stadium will take money to build and it’s tough to make that money available if the manager keeps needing more money to build the squad because he isn’t good enough to make good use of what he has.

Besides, will this DIC everyone is talking about really do a better job with the club?

At the end of the day, Liverpool fans are coming across as just as annoying as Man U fans a few years ago when Glazer took over. I could understand things if Man U hadn’t won any silverware recently. Heck, Liverpool fans are even forming their own breakaway team…just like someone else.

Having said all that…yes, I agree that it’s only a small number of the fan base which acted inappropriately in both situation.  That still doesn’t make it right.  Hinks going into the pub was probably an attempt at better understanding the culture around LFC…understanding the history and passion supporters have for the club.  I honestly believe it was an attempt by him to have a better understanding and with that a better ability to lead the club.  What a great way to help him.


One response to “This American walks into a pub….

  1. I agree. They’re making themselves look bad.

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