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Fish is back!!!

Forget all this Beckham-mania. How ’bout Fish? Not only did he score all 3 in the win the other night…look at the run he made to be there to finish the third one. That’s not the Fish we’ve seen the last couple of seasons.

OK, it was a preseason friendly against a make-shift team from China…but I still love the effort Fish gave on that goal.


Yeah, I’m still alive

Well, it seems a few things have happened in the last few days. Guess I should catch up a bit.

The big news, for LA fans, is that Fish will be returning. LA fans are split by this move. They either love or hate it. I’m in the camp that believes no one is going to want to face the three-headed monster of Becks, Donovan and Fish. Of course, that assumes they aren’t injured and Fish doesn’t keep tripping over the lines marking the penalty area. My biggest beef is that with so much cap space being filled by just a few players, what’s left for the rest of the squad?

Chicago now has a shirt sponsor. To be honest, I’m surprised Best Buy didn’t insist their yellow tag logo be put on the shirt.

The MLS SuperduperDraft is tomorrow. I have a tough time getting interested. I don’t follow college ball at all. No one really knows that much about the players except from the combines. MLS teams really don’t scout players outside of their local area. If quality player in a non-MLS area is a stud, who would know? Baseball has scouts combing every tiny High School for talent. MLS doesn’t even come close. To prove my point, of the players in MLS who were drafted out of college in the last few years, ok, I don’t have the numbers but it seems to me that they are just as likely to come from the later rounds as they do from the early rounds. Someone put the numbers together and prove me wrong. Until a quality scouting system is put in place, I’ll worry about those guys when they come in off the bench for their MLS debut.

Speaking of the draft, Nick Garcia is worth a #1 pick. I’m still trying to figure out what that tells us.

We are starting to see more Americans heading to Europe….even England. Fulham (Eddie Johnson) may soon have five (yes, 5) American’s on their squad. As always, keepers are popular—Matt Pickens on trial at that scummy team in Green And Yellow.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is management giving teams time to jell. I said it a bunch last season when LA made a million moves to try and get the right combination. One area which seems to be overlooked in this area is coaches (managers). What’s bringing this up is the recent changes in Newcastle…but the same could be said about New York. The guy in charge needs time to get things right and if you keep changing things all the time, there’s never any time for the team to come together. Of course, this doesn’t explain what’s going on in Colorado, but there are always exceptions to rules.

Ok, enough for now. If I keep rambling and don’t post this, it’ll never happen. I’ll post again when I have the chance.

See ya next year Ricardo

Nine Games!!!!????  Ok, now I could see if he kicked someone else that nine games might be needed.  But this was Ruiz!!!  Oh well, Clark still had a good season.

Oh what fun…