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I hope some lessons were learned

After Wednesday’s Pan Pacific matches in Hawaii, every report and commentary, weather traditional media or blogger, wrote off LA and were ready to give Houston the title.  I can’t wait to see what they are writing today.

You can’t judge a team my only one match.  Comparing the over all results, LA were the second best team on the islands…they only lost by one goal to Osaka while Houston were stuffed 6-1!!!  Of course, there’s a long way to go this season.  Who knows what the heck is gonna happen.

Bottom line for me is that Becks on the right is head and shoulders better than any other player in the league.  Those kids in the middle spent the two recent matches figuring out how to get on the end of those crosses and put them away.  The one kid (got the second goal) isn’t every going to forget how sweetly that strike came off his foot.

Like I Twitted (I think that’s the correct word…see the widget on the right) the other night, I’m not worried about Wednesdays performance.  It was the first preseason game.  Look how much improvement there was in just a couple of days.

I can’t wait for the season to start…and for LA to be at full strength.  LA will be better this season…I’m just not gonna predict how much better. 🙂

Too bad the matches couldn’t attract more fans.


The sky hasn’t fallen…yet.

I grew up in the UK and used to fall for the “chicken little” type of reporting which goes on in the UK.  Some of it is justified–Band/Live Aid would never have existed if it wasn’t for the BBC–but a lot of it is just sensationalistic hype.

Here’s a classic example.

England players will be covered with insurance indemnity of up to £100,000 a week in the event of injuries suffered in the Euro 2008 qualifier against Russia on the artificial pitch here tomorrow.

Ok, so it’s the FA and not Fleet St this time.  However, the amount of press coverage the pitch has been getting the last few months has been amusing…at least it has in my opinion…which is the only one that counts here.   I’m surprised that none of these articles has mentioned the fact that Spice Balls (that would be the injured English guy in LA) has played 90 minutes on the same surface and came through in harmed….his injuries were sustained on traditional grass pitches.  But I guess that would ruin the hysteria.

Speaking of hysteria–well, maybe not–Nick Webster has done his best to create some.   Then I read Dan Loney’s piece which tears Webster apart.

My personal opinion, I’ve witnessed hooliganism at US Mexico games.   I’ve seen the video of the NY/DC game a couple years ago.  Will it be organized?  No…not by groups like LARS.  They (and other supporters groups) work with their teams administration too much to even think about that type of thing…besides, supporting a team has nothing to do with beat downs.  However, unless MLS and others running the pro leagues here get a clue, something bad will happen at the rate things are going.  There will be some renegade individuals who could very well start stuff.  That’s how it starts.   But then again, I’ve a feeling with the way stadiums are constructed over here (vs. how stadiums were in England 30 years ago) it’ll be a lot more difficult to start stuff…if security have a clue how to react…but that’s a whole different rant.