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This American walks into a pub….

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see how any of this is needed and I’m not sure what the Liverpool faithful hoped to accomplish by treating Hicks Jr this way. To be honest, I haven’t followed all of this that closely but the only things I can figure out the Liverpool fans have to complain about is 1) the Hinks-Gillette pockets aren’t as deep as they’d like and 2) the way they handled the Rafa situation (looking to replace him that is)

It’s unfortunate but if the owners don’t have deep enough pockets to make all the changes they’d like, well, there are plenty of small clubs who would love a fraction of what has been made available to Benitiz. Ok, they should have handled the situation with the manager better, but I’m sure they’ve learned from it. Bottom line, I seriously doubt throwing money at the squad problem is going to make him a better manager. He’s got some quality talent already and honestly, is he doing a great job?

Now, I’ve heard the argument that the fans of LFC were promised a ton of stuff when Hicks and Gillette came on board. I’m willing to bet that at that time they honestly intended to make good on those promises. The new stadium will take money to build and it’s tough to make that money available if the manager keeps needing more money to build the squad because he isn’t good enough to make good use of what he has.

Besides, will this DIC everyone is talking about really do a better job with the club?

At the end of the day, Liverpool fans are coming across as just as annoying as Man U fans a few years ago when Glazer took over. I could understand things if Man U hadn’t won any silverware recently. Heck, Liverpool fans are even forming their own breakaway team…just like someone else.

Having said all that…yes, I agree that it’s only a small number of the fan base which acted inappropriately in both situation.  That still doesn’t make it right.  Hinks going into the pub was probably an attempt at better understanding the culture around LFC…understanding the history and passion supporters have for the club.  I honestly believe it was an attempt by him to have a better understanding and with that a better ability to lead the club.  What a great way to help him.


Ah, it’s Fall and the postseason complaints have started

Enough already!  I’m sorry, but if I read or hear one more person complain about the MLS Playoff format…well, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’m tired of it already.

This is Year 12, and for twelve years people have complained about the format and that we have playoffs at all.  Get over it people.

If the owners wanted the top teams to win through to the finals, they would probably just do away with the first round….actually not a bad idea, but it won’t happen.  Besides, everyone loves an upset…remember the Smurf (errr..Quake) comeback a few years ago?  Yeah, I’ve tried to forget, but ya hafta love LA’s playoff run in ’05…ok, maybe that’s only a good example for Galaxy fans.

All the playoff teams get a playoff match at home.  Remember, it’s still about selling tickets.

Personally, I’d prefer the entire playoffs be over two legs like the first round…including the final.  But that’s not gonna happen.  So, I’m happy with what we have.  It works, it ain’t perfect but it’s what we have.  Teams have to plan for it.  It’s always been this way so no one is pulling surprises.

Now, if only the league would be a little more transparent about the qualification process for the Champs Cup and SuperLiga.  

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, I’ve complained about all the money grabbing friendlys LA are playing.  I’ve used the argument that Man U wouldn’t fly thousands of miles in the middle of the season for a meaningless payday match.  Well, I guess I can’t use that argument any more.

It’s good to be a star playa….

I sure made the wrong career choice. 😉

I’m sure any fine or suspension will be worth it.

Bunches of stuff…

It’s easy to tell myself, “Ah, I’ll post that tomorrow,” and then do the same thing the next day. It’s easy to get well behind…much like school work. Anyway, I’ve got a little time so let’s get caught up.

The MLSPU gave out a list of all the players salaries a couple weeks ago. Don Garber made some interesting comments about the difference in salaries. At the time, I thought they were a bit out of line. He’s hardly comparing apples to apples here. The union then responded with a solid argument. There’s no denying that the lower players are working for nothing. If nothing else, part of this can be addressed by giving those players under $30k a playing bonus of $1000 or something like that each time they play for the first team. However, the whole thing makes me think everyone is posturing for a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) which will need to be worked out sometime in the next 2 1/2 years.

What is it with all the investment by American Investors in British clubs? At least the ManUre style protests aren’t involved of late. I thought the Glazier takeover would kill ManUre…sure didn’t seem to hurt them this season. So close to the darn treble.

It’s funny. I remember back in the 70’s comparing the experience of going to Portman Road for an Ipswich game and to Jack Murphy Stadium (as it was then known) for Padre and Charger games and comparing how different the experiences were. Lately tough, the experience in England seems to becoming more Americanized. Corporate Boxes, better game concessions etc. are vast improvements in ways of generating income for teams in England. When ManUre and the Yankees announced their big marketing deal a few years ago I figured we’d see more cross over. We probably have and I just haven’t been paying attention. But you’d have to think that with the advent of DVRs that American sports would want to find ways to market their sponsors in-game more. Give it time. There’s money to be made all around. Just make sure you’re willing to shell out the bucks as a consumer.

On a similar note, it looks like the G14 will soon be expanding. What a very American way of forming things…giving the clubs the power rather than a central governing body. Let the owners vote on decisions. Personally, I believe they will continue to bring in more teams until they are large enough for a league in each country and then will allow the top teams from the remaining leagues in each country to replace the bottom clubs in the big league. The champion will be decided by a competition run concurrently with the regular season made of of teams who finished well the previous season…not too unlike the current format we have. Actually, until Ipswich are invited, I could care less.

Amando Guevara is gone. Will his attitude be missed?

I hafta admit, as an LA fan, I’m happy to see Xavier heading to the HDC. He should shore up the backline very well…and I’m thinking his look/style will be right at home in LA. With all the extra matches LA will be playing the second half of the season, they need all the help they can get.

Yet another MLS team has their shirt sponsored by a company I’ve never heard of. Money is money I guess…and hey, maybe they’ll get me as a customer if I ever need paint. At least they aren’t some pyramid scheme.

OK…ten years ago I could see some big name playing in an All-Star game even if they don’t play much (Luis Hernandez) but Beckham? C’mon. Then again, I never watch the All-Star game so who cares. Besides, the whole thing just reads like someone trying to create a story outta nothing…sounds like the British tabloids.

BMO Field is falling down, falling down, falling down…ok, that’s not funny. With the speed it went up, I guess things like this could happen. Thankfully, it seems no one was hurt and everything has now been taken care of. I finally got to see a TFC game last week(?) and gotta admit, the seat cushion flinging was quite amusing.

I’ve know Dan Loney for several years (first met him at the MLS Cup Final in Columbus) and enjoy his writing a great deal. However, I’m not buying this scoop. Of course, I didn’t believe he actually sez it’s the “Galaxy” logo anywhere.

I guess it’s a good thing for Chelsea they don’t read the local Ipswich paper. I can’t believe I paid $25 to watch that match. It wasn’t that great IMO. I wish Chelsea had scored in the first half so things might have opened up more in the second half. Oh well, at least we got to see the new Wembley in action.

WooHoo…no PPV needed to watch the Copa America. I’m really glad it was GolTV who got the broadcast rights. I know they’ll do a great job. Of course, ESPN will probably now wanna make sure they hold the rights next go ’round.

When Kreis announced his career change the other week, I knew it was just a matter of time before he was no longer #1. I know some are pointing out that a large number of Moreno’s goals were spot kicks but he still finished them.

Wow, I got married in ’03. We spent our honeymoon at resort just south of Playa Del Carmen–an hour south of Cancun. I remember talking with a couple of the guys who worked there about local teams (they’d noticed my Galaxy jersey–poor guys were Luis Hernandez fans–and I’d been hoping to see at least a lower league match if possible–if the wife allowed it) but their response was pretty negative. All the teams near them sucked (or words to that effect) They were all Chivas, America or Cruz Azul fans. Well, guess they have a team now. Actually, I’m thinking this is a good move. Getting away from the crowded Mexico City (sharing the massive Azteca) will help with a new identity for the team. Also, yeah, Cancun is a tourist spot (and an awesome one at that) but it’s a rapidly growing city. if Atlante put down some roots, they should grow a decent fan base…and who knows. Beyond that, I now have added incentive to try and talk my wife into a Mexican vacation.

When did the Romario reaching 1000 goals jump the shark? Seriously, he’s hardly even playing now. Yet, he’s hanging onto the hope of reaching the mystic number. Why not wheel him on for a penalty in a meaningless match then sub him off after he takes the shot and hope it’s all over. He was a great player in his day…but now it’s just becoming a joke. UPDATE: Looks like he got it today. Too bad FIFA sez he needs another 71 though. He’ll be playing with a walker if he’s ever gotta get that many more.

Bored yet? Ok, I’ll try and post more in the next couple of days.

Been there, done that, got the shirt….

Yep, this post is about Beckham as well…sorta…

At the end of last season there was an announcement by MLS that teams could sell shirt sponsorships on their jerseys as long as it was worth at least $500,000 per year.

Well, I’m guessing that the addition of Beckham to the roster had a lot to do with this but it looks like CitiBank are getting it’s checkbook out.

A more likely blockbuster announcement from MLS is the jersey sponsorship for David Beckham’s Los Angeles Galaxy. Two sources have confirmed that the bidding is down to Citibank and Herbalife (and, interestingly, not Beckham sponsor adidas). The Citibank offer to have its name across the front of Galaxy shirt, the sources said, is a monster: five years, $49 million. A decision is expected any day.

Now, first of all, this is only a rumor but Mark Zeigler is one of the better soccer writers in this country and I consider him pretty reliable.

Second, remember all those editorials on both sides of the Atlantic saying how crazy AEG and the Galaxy were to pay Beckham that much money? Well, I’ve already posted a more realistic look at how the deal is worked. And if that is even close to being accurate, then it looks to me like LA are getting Beckham for nothing. Citibank will pay his salary and the rest is all endorsements. What an incredible deal for LA and MLS.

Of course, LA would have probably only got about $1 million/year if Beckham hadn’t joined the team.

…European soccer giant Manchester United, which signed a four-year contract
with AIG to put the U.S. insurance company’s name on its shirts for about $25

Wow! LA have a better paying shirt deal than ManU? What is happening to this world?

UPDATE: According to Ives Galarcep, the Citibank/LAG deal is for 10 years. Not sure which is correct (if either is) but gotta post this version as well.