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It’s been a while

I remember this place.  Seems like the season was just starting when I last posted…oh yeah, it was.  Things have been crazy and will probably continue that way for a while.  However, I will try and post on here when I can.

Am I the only one outside of Ohio or the NY/NY Metro area that is excited about the MLS Cup Final?  The last few years I’ve come around to accepting and actually enjoying the playoffs–must be because LA haven’t been involved.  The match Saturday night in SLC was entertaining.  It was a packed house and had a great atmosphere.  I guess the sport can sell in this country…maybe.

I’m a bit conflicted which way I want Sunday’s match to go.  I’ve always had a soft-spot for the MetroBulls but then on the flip side, Sigi is a So Cal guy, he brought LA most of their success–I don’t count the fluke in 2005–he never should have lost his gig at the HDC–at least not at the point he did–and he has a couple of former LA players who were always fan favorites.  Ironic the match will be played at the HDC.  Anyway, it should be a good one.

Is anyone else slightly bummed that Mexico didn’t give up a couple more goals and Jamaica really pour it on last night?  It would have been fun watching our friends to the south in a total uproar getting knocked out of the World Cup at this stage.

There’s a bunch more I’ve been meaning to post the last few months but I want to get this post up.  I promise I’ll be back with more soon.


Kissing your latino cousin–or something like that

Mexican fanI always love a US/Mexico game. Bottom line, nobody wants to lose this one. It’s too bad there was a lot more passion in the match than actually ability as a team…for both sides. I sat there for most of the match thinking, who is this US side? Mexico is finally learning how to play against us. Landon and Dempsey were both non-factors. I could probably count on my fingers the number of touches they had. Only one player really impressed me, Tim Howard. Though when he wasn’t stopping the numerous shots the Mexican forwards were pelting him with, he was busying yelling at his backline who, well, they really didn’t seem to have any shape or know what they were doing as a group. Honestly, outside of Howard I don’t think anyone (except maybe Altidore when he scored) could feel good about their performance last night.

I actually called the result, sorta. I’m not really bragging, but it was in the cards.

Ok, moral victories are nice. Let the Mexicans have it. Honestly, there didn’t play that much better than the US, but they did play a better match and controlled most of it. Then again, they usually do but instead of the usual puzzle routine (coming to pieces in the box) they actually managed to finish a couple last night.

One thing which wasn’t bad was the ESPN coverage. Sure, the video production could use some work. Sorry, but I hate all the tight shots of players. I’d much rather see the entire game, players making runs etc, and save the closeups for the replays. However, having a pre and post show. Comments, analysis and interviews was nice. The only thing missing was someone with honest opinions.

I guess there’s only one thing left to ask, is the MLS schedule out yet?

UPDATE 2/8/08:  What the hell is wrong with people?