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It’s been a while

I remember this place.  Seems like the season was just starting when I last posted…oh yeah, it was.  Things have been crazy and will probably continue that way for a while.  However, I will try and post on here when I can.

Am I the only one outside of Ohio or the NY/NY Metro area that is excited about the MLS Cup Final?  The last few years I’ve come around to accepting and actually enjoying the playoffs–must be because LA haven’t been involved.  The match Saturday night in SLC was entertaining.  It was a packed house and had a great atmosphere.  I guess the sport can sell in this country…maybe.

I’m a bit conflicted which way I want Sunday’s match to go.  I’ve always had a soft-spot for the MetroBulls but then on the flip side, Sigi is a So Cal guy, he brought LA most of their success–I don’t count the fluke in 2005–he never should have lost his gig at the HDC–at least not at the point he did–and he has a couple of former LA players who were always fan favorites.  Ironic the match will be played at the HDC.  Anyway, it should be a good one.

Is anyone else slightly bummed that Mexico didn’t give up a couple more goals and Jamaica really pour it on last night?  It would have been fun watching our friends to the south in a total uproar getting knocked out of the World Cup at this stage.

There’s a bunch more I’ve been meaning to post the last few months but I want to get this post up.  I promise I’ll be back with more soon.


How’s this for a playoff format?

For those of you who hate the MLS Playoff format, this is for you. I’m bumping around looking at stuff last night and came across something on the end of the A-League season. I guess four teams were level on points going into the final day of the season. That’s always entertaining. What caught my attention was the way they do their playoffs.

So, four teams (out of 8 total) make the playoffs. That’s half the teams in the league (a much higher percentage than MLS currently) so; the first round is 1 v 4, and 2 v 3. No problem right. Then, the winner of each playoff goes thought to play each other. Still nothing strange right. However, the losers then face each other as well. The winner of the series between the two first round losers (are you following?) then play the loser of the series between the two winners. So, we are down to three teams. The team who was won both their series so far goes through to the final while the two others, who have each won a series and lost a series by this point; face each other to see who is the other finalist.

Didja catch all that? Do you still think the MLS playoffs a bad idea?

Hey Revs fans…

did you get in on the bidding? It might have been your only chance to have it. 😉

King for a Day

My blog title is an XTC lyric so why not use one here?

So, we are in the middle of the off-season. There’s plenty going on in MLS and Europe but I thought it would be fun to have a think about what I’d recommend if I were Don Garber about the structure of MLS–hence the “King for a Day” title.

Probably the biggest complaint I hear about MLS is the post season…or at least the format of it. It really doesn’t produce as much incentive as it could to force winning soccer all season long. Just look at my boys (LA) in 2005 for your classic example of this.

Thing is, the playoffs aren’t going away. I don’t care how much the SnobMob speak out for a more “traditional” format. MLS needs some kind of post season.

I’ve done a little thinking and have come up with a structure that, while still not completely worked out makes sense to me. The biggest problem with it is that it’s a little more complicated than what we have now.

Right now, the playoff prize is the MLS Cup. Places in the Champions Cup and SuperLiga are somehow sorted out from there. Why not change things around a bit so that the places in the Champions Cup and SuperLiga are won in the playoffs.

Now, I’m making some assumptions here which may or may not shoot this whole thing down…but hear me out. I’m going to assume that the top four teams will be in the Champions Cup and the next four in the SuperLiga (UEFA Cupish). I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do to have the same teams play in both the Champions Cup and the SuperLiga. If a team does well in both, that would mean–by my rough estimation–12 possible Champions Cup matches and 5 more in the SuperLiga….that is if they make it to the finals in both. So for now, I’m going to assume that teams can only play in one regional competition.

So, first we have the Open Cup winner. They should automatically qualify for the SuperLiga and a chance at the Champions Cup if they fail to finish high enough in the regular season.

The MLS Cup should be played between the winners of the Eastern and Western Conferences. They both automatically qualify for the Champions Cup.

The Open Cup winner and the next three best finishing teams in the regular season will play off for the other two Champions Cup spots….losers of the match-ups will go into the SuperLiga.

Then, the next four best finishes will play off for the final two SuperLiga spots.

Yeah, I can see you doing the math there. It would mean that ten teams make the playoffs. However, a team finishing fourth in their conference is playing off for a spot in regional competition, not the MLS Cup.

How would this have looked based on the way things finished in 2007?


DC vs Chivas

Champions Cup Playoff

Houston vs NY

NE vs Dallas

SuperLiga Playoff

Chicago vs Colorado

KC vs Columbus

DC and Chivas would be with the winners of the Houston/NY and NE/Dallas series in the Champions Cup. The loser of the Houston/NY and NE/Dallas series and the winners of the Chicago/Colorado and KC/Columbus series make the SuperLiga. The Chicago/Colorado and KC/Columbus series get to try again next season.

Scheduling makes sense as well. The playoff series for spots in the Regional competition could start the weekend after the season finishes (home and home with first leg at lower ranked team) and be finished up the second Saturday. The MLS Cup would then be played the following day on Sunday. As it’s at a neutral site, this gives the fans of each team a chance to organize things (unlike I had to do sorting out a trip to Columbus from LA with less than a week before the 2001 MLS Cup Final)

Of course, this puts Toronto at a disadvantage because they don’t play in the Open Cup…but there’s going to be a problem with any playoff format.

Anyway, I know it’s not perfect but something like this would be a big step in the right direction. Of course, I’d wake up the next day and all my hard work would have been shot down by the money men….but still, ya gotta dream.

I’m missing MLS already

I woke up this morning and I’m not sure why but I was thinking it’s a long break until we get some more MLS. It’s not like Baseball which gets in the news all winter–often for the wrong reasons–MLS has little to no news to keep us occupied. At least we still have foreign leagues to fill the void. Oh, and I supposed I should congratulate the Orange Smurfs (AKA Houston) for another title. Personally, I’d love to see Dwayne DeRosario wearing Blue at Portman Road by the time the new MLS season starts. Well, one can dream right?

This MyFootballClub thing is amusing. Based on comments on other blogs, BigSoccer and other boards, I wonder how many of the new ‘owners’ are on this side of the Pond? More American investment. Actually, has anyone seen a breakdown of where the investors are from? Something about the whole thing just seemed odd. Honestly, I never really like the idea of owners getting involved in what goes on match-wise. Off the field stuff? Sure. But let the manager/coach handle players. I guess I’m not alone in this opinion.

As for the matches on Saturday. I fell asleep after the goal in the South Africa-US game. Missed the Israel-Russia game but guess I’ll need to find a way to see the big game on Wednesday. I wonder how England will mess up this opportunity?

Hey, the expansion draft is next week…WooHoo… Pass me some turkey….zzzzzzz.

Last night’s playoff match

Say what you want about the playoffs, it’s format and anything else you feel like complaining about.  I’m not buying any of it right now.  From a neutral standpoint, that was a highly entertaining match and well worth the complaining I got from my wife who wanted to watch Survivor.  Gimme DC and Chicago in a playoff second leg any day.  Great DC crowd too.  Love it.  Who needs Beckham to sell tickets?  Games like last nights should be doing the selling.